21 Free Math Websites for Students


Are you looking for some free math website?

Here are the list of website who provide free tutoring:

Patrick JMT

Khan Academy

Tutor Pace

PBS Teachers Math

Math Warehouse

Cliff’s Notes

Algebra. Help

Math Pickle

Education World

Simpsons Math

Art of Problem Solving

Ten Marks

Hooda Math

Paul’s Online Math Notes

Cool Math Games .com

Math Game Time

The Math Forum



Yummy Math




15 Free Math Websites for Parents and Kids

20 Websites You Need to Learn Math Step by Step

List of Great Free Math Websites for Teachers and Students


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Develop Self-Knowledge, Confidence And Motivation – Tips to Clear SAT Exams


Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is the permit for any student to be eligible to study in the United States of America. All students dreaming to study abroad need to appear for this exam in order to get admission in the colleges of the United States of America. The examination, although considered hard-hitting, can be cracked with no trouble with due diligence and effort in the preparation.

The exam has its own set of rules that you must be well aware of those to score effectively. There are some useful tips and set of strategies that may be followed to maximize the score.

SAT score boosters:

  • Use Process of Elimination (POE)
  • Answer every question only if you can eliminate answer choices
  • Remember the order of difficulty
  • Be perfect in English
  • Leave any question blank where you can’t identify at least one wrong choice
  • Write in the test booklet
  • Choose which questions to answer first
  • Slow down
  • Transfer your questions at the end of each section
  • Cross check your ovals
  • Don’t second-guess yourself

These tips help students in pursuing their ambition. By following these steps, students can crack the exams reasonably well.

It is imperative that students set a goal while preparing for the examination. The set target encourages students while preparing for the exam. It is essential that you set an achievable goal. Setting targets helps in time management and also makes the students aware of their strengths as well as weaknesses.

These days you can easily avail online tutoring to understand the exam pattern and get yourself well prepared for the test. The total score of the exam is 2400; which is divided as 800 for writing, 800 for Mathematics and 800 for critical writing.

Homework must be timed. Your study must replicate as much as feasible the conditions of the actual SAT test. Take frequent practice tests. Try completing as many sections at one time as you would on the day of the actual test. The more you practice in the actual test format, the more comfortable you will be when you appear for the real test. Ask your tutor to check and re-check whether you are following the guidelines properly.

All tests are generally stressful. This exam is exceedingly long – a three and a half hour; wearing and challenging. Stress can hurt performance. Anxiety affects the decision making process, it can negatively influence the score extensively.

Research shows that following come basic strategies can significantly leave an impact on your scores. Finally, the morning before the test, take a good and healthy breakfast. Turn off all interruptions: TV, computer etc. Think about the room where you will be for your exam. Be confident and positive. If you are focused, engaged and delighted; you will score better.

There are certain tips that make this journey a little less arduous, a little more rewarding and a lot more successful. Increase self knowledge this will surely increase your efficacy and decrease the frustration. Familiarize yourself with problem solving and critical thinking skills and attain the set goal. Best of luck!

Tutor Pace is a reputed tutor website offering experienced online tutor as educational consultants. Get math online tutoring and attain sessions from anywhere and achieve your academic goal.

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Let‘s Count Advantages of Online Tutoring

online tutors chat

Don’t count the chickens before they hatch, it is said. You can count the advantages of online tutoring, before entering its portal. Let’s find out how e- tutoring is focused towards student motivation and high end learning products.

Learner friendly:  You avail a basket of benefits like time management, choice of subject, selection of tutor, independent study, self orientation and stress free education in online learning.

E- Trained tutors: It is a community of savvy tutors, who are up with modern trends in approaching the student fraternity. You get to know online tutors chat with you, interact and try their hard to bridge the gaps in your studies and provide what you demand in your homework help, assignment work or test papers. Sit before your computer and register on the website desirable for you and feel the difference.

The comfort zone of learning: No travel expense and these are pocket friendly offers. Even free tutorsonline are there for your convenient learning at home with your interactive tools. Get ready to enjoy the fun of learning with video text chats, Skype interaction, fun exercises, visual images and other tech aids. It is all at your doorstep with the personal support of a tutor who enters your heart through his PC and takes you to a different educational set up.

Know your pus and minus: Online tutoring websites monitor your progress   and learning pace with their guidelines for their tutors. You feel their ardent support for your learning needs, tailoring to   your demands and expectations in every phase of learning.

Achieve higher scores and better grades by entering the right tutoring site online and prove your excellence in your school and college degrees.

Scorce: http://blog.tutorpace.com/lets-count-advantages-of-online-tutoring/

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Acquire Online Tutoring To Reap Times Worth Rewards

Hassle free education is a question mark in the present trends, when everything in life is complex. Transport and commutation is a major issue for any student, who actually wishes to acquire real qualitative education from any corner of the world. Even if he gets it, he may lack the personalized attention to satisfy his demands and answer his queries. On the other hand, the same complex world presents solutions for any difficulty in education with its advanced technology- like online tutoring. Sure to say that e- tutoring is times worth acquiring for the benefits it procures and the convenience it renders.

Learner- centered education

Education is normally a two way communication and is very successful, when it turns out to be learner centered. You may feel that classroom atmosphere provides face to face communication, which may be lacking in online courses. Not so, when you probe deep into the question. Actually speaking, an online tutor unravels a line of chances for the student to express his ideas, demands, reflections and expectations. He tries to enter the psyche of the ward before tutoring him and frames his course according to the acumen of the candidate. He helps the taught come out of his dark areas of learning and promotes his support for the students learning in a gradual course by acquiring his confidence, along with playing the role of a close friend. True to the word, a lifetime partnership between the teacher and the taught is possible in online teaching, due to its learner centered and student friendly ambience.

Cost effective and time saving

You find online teaching course effective and cheaper as all you need is a good computer with appropriate net facilities with you. Log on to the websites offering online educational services and pick up those which suit your need. It requires no other technical expertise or educational assistance and the tutor online is there to rectify the weaker spots of your learning, be it Science, Math or Languages. A math tutor online poses himself as a great succor and support in times of doing the regular tasks, assignments and projects. He resolves all the more puzzling, riddling sums and problems just like that and stands as your savior. He motivates and tailors his tutoring to meet your demands and pushes you to the helm of success to achieve better grades.

Needless to say that e- learning is time saving and time conscious as well. You structure your timings according to your convenience and enjoy your learning without an inch of pressure and difficulty. Moreover, you can search for details or information all over the world through e- courses which are global wise in their access and flexible for your approach. Most of the tutoring courses online are collaborative and thus interactive and make you wonder at the experiences, knowledge and queries of co- students. When this tantamount to an advanced level, parents find a tutor online as a good custodian for their kids with whom they feel safe.

To say in a nutshell, tutoring online is a thousand times worth acquiring.

Avail the online tutoring services of Tutor Pace and improve your school grade. We provide online math tutoring services, science tutoring and math tutors online.

Source: http://www.job-mentors.com/articles/291/acquire-online-tutoring-to-reap-times-worth-rewards
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7 Practical Study Tips For Acing High School Exams

High School exams are very crucial for students’ scores which decide the further studies and career in students’ future. When exams near, high school students panic and get stressed over covering their syllabus. Following are the tips for acing high school exams and map your future with confidence:


Tip 1

Study alone: Study alone because peers could take you off the track in learning.You might not get that seriousness and could touch upon topics which take you away from learning. Though there are discussions s which help you clarify your doubts in peer study, you have chances of being off the track quite often and that way it is better that you study alone.

Tip 2

Have every study material by your side before you start to study: It is the attitude for learning which is very important in high school exam prep. For, you have to focus on various intricate topics as in Algebra, Geometry or Physics and Chemistry and once your start searching for this or that study material, you are sure to lose your concentration and it is waste of time also.

Tip 3

Make a suitable study area for you: A study area which is calm and comfortable and does not divert your attention is the best one for prepping for high school exams. A place which is a bit isolated from the mundane activities of household and far away from common distractions like TV and calm without the hustle bustle of streets could work wonderfully well for you in this context.

Tip 4

Check the important areas of subjects for learning: High school syllabus is vast and you cannot run through A-Z of all you have in the syllabus. You would go out of focus and would not fetch the desired results. Your mind also would get disorganized. So, you need to sort out which are the important areas in the syllabus and what normally attract the eyes of the examiners. You could use old question papers, ask friends and come to a conclusion about areas of primary importance in studying a subject. Then, accordingly you could schedule your topics and go ahead with your prep. Finally, when you have a couple of days in addition to your schedule, you could touch those unimportant areas and have the satisfaction of having prepped the whole syllabus to boost your confidence.

Tip 5

Sleep well: When you have crucial exams like Math or Science, your mind is not at rest and you feel like being on the edge of a mountain. Do not panic. Relax and sleep well. Good prep comes along with good sleep. When you have adequate sleep before exam and during prep days, your mind gets relaxed and it retains the details you learn in your memory. You feel energetic and remember more than you expect to remember. This is one secret of acing the exams- not cramming all the time but relaxing and learning with better memory.

Tip 6

Take a break every now and then: Even a computer needs to be shut down once in a while to save its memory and function well. It is human brain which is at work in your case. Take a break every one hour, relax, do something else and get back to study. It helps you retain your energy, not to get vexed and bored and you also feel like doing multiple things in the break.

Tip 7

Eat healthy food: Taking caffeine at the time of exam prep happens to be the habit of many students. It induces energy in you… right… but too much of caffeine would be harmful on the exam day as it creates nausea and other health disorders. Take limited quantity of caffeine and fresh juices and salads instead which would add to your energy.DiscountTo conclude:

If you have additional support through online tutors with their timely clarifications for your doubts in the subject, it boosts your morale and gives an edge in your preparation. Many online tutoring sites come forward to offer help that acts very favorably for students during their exams. Tutor Pace has an array of online tutors who serve the students with their knowledge for high school exam prep. Avail their help and ace your exams.

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High School Statistics Tutors To Help You Score High In Exams

High School statistics Tutors.png

Statistics is a subject which focuses on data collection and brings out inferences based on the data about a particular matter.  In this context, let us analyze

What is data?

  • <span “font-family:symbol;mso-fareast-font-family:symbol;mso-bidi-font-family:=”” symbol”=””>Data is a collection of facts like words, numbers, measurements and even descriptions.
  • Data can be qualitative or quantitative
  • Qualitative data describes the quality as in ‘ it was entertaining’
  • <span “font-family:symbol;mso-fareast-font-family:symbol;mso-bidi-font-family:=”” symbol”=””>Quantitative data can either be discrete (which takes only certain values like whole numbers) or continuous (which can take any value) (within a range).
  • <span “font-family:symbol;mso-fareast-font-family:symbol;mso-bidi-font-family:=”” symbol”=””>We collect the data by survey like census or sample.

Well, this is the fundamental aspect of data collection which is one of the major aspects of Statistics. When you learn Statistics, you need to be accurate in details and bring forth proper references through graphs and numerical representations. Many students go wrong in the inferences and get poor grades. Tutor Pace offers High School statistics Tutors for such students and helps them through each concept in Stats for their easy scores in exams.

Let us have an example for Permutations and Combinations

<span “mso-fareast-font-family:”times=”” roman”;=”” mso-bidi-font-family:”times=”” roman”;color:#4472c4;mso-themecolor:accent5″=””>Example 1<span “mso-fareast-font-family:=”” “times=”” roman”;mso-bidi-font-family:”times=”” roman””=””>: How many different words can we make using the letters A, B, E and L?

Solution: We have 4 choices for the first letter, 3 choices for the second letter, 2 choices for the third letter and 1 choice for the fourth letter.

<span “mso-fareast-font-family:=”” “times=”” roman”;mso-bidi-font-family:”times=”” roman””=””>Hence the number of words is given by

4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 4! = 24<span “mso-fareast-font-family:=”” “times=”” roman”;mso-bidi-font-family:”times=”” roman””=””>

<span “mso-fareast-font-family:=”” “times=”” roman”;mso-bidi-font-family:”times=”” roman””=””>We can have one more example<span “mso-fareast-font-family:=”” “times=”” roman”;mso-bidi-font-family:”times=”” roman””=””>

Example 2: How many 3 letter words can we make with the letters in the word LOVE?

Solution: There are 4 letters in the word love and making 3 letter words is similar to arranging these 3 letters and order is important since LOV and VOL are different words because of the order of the same letters L, O and V. Hence it is a permutation problem. The number of words is given by

4 P 3 = 4! / (4 – 3)! = 24

Though it looks simple, Combinations and Permutations in Statistics is always tricky and takes student to task with its concepts. You need to be alert in your analysis and pick out right approaches to complete a sum in these areas. Tutor Pace tutors render their excellent support for students to get through such topics with ease and with deep knowledge in the concepts.

The technological support rendered by Tutor Pace with its online calculators helps students lots during their exam prep. Further, the white board interactions for such topics is a gateway to gain accurate knowledge about the topics and get across the sums through step by step explanations from expert tutors.

Statistics is a subject which could get you 100 easily and pull your leg too if you do not have proper knowledge in the subject or do not possess the basic skills in it. It needs analytical kills also to infer and finalize conclusions through the data collection. This is where Tutor Pace tutors work wonders for you. They strengthen your basic skills, enlighten your knowledge in data inference and take you through final conclusions with proper analysis. This becomes especially easy for you when you sit and break your head on the eve of your exams.

High school Statistics Homework Help is available through chat, Skype, mail and other technological tools and the tutors are available at any point of time with their customized solutions for any query you put forth to them.

Final words
Statistics is a subject which demands deep analytical skills and logic. Its concepts are intricate at high school level. It is better to seek expert help from online tutors to ace high school exam in Stats. Tutor Pace helps you lots in this scenario with its high school Statistics tutors.

Source: http://tutorpaceonline.weebly.com/blog/high-school-statistics-tutors-to-help-you-score-high-in-exams

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Get Best Online Assignment Help From TutorPace

Online assignment help

Assignments and homework are part of curriculum to function as touchstones of students performance, understanding and critical abilities. Regular assessments of assignment works and homework are essential to place a student in his track and showcase him what he has attained through his entry into a new grade and his continual studies in that grade.

Tips to follow before seeking help online for an assignment!

  1. Do not overrate your targets in the assignment given-try your level best to understand the topic and the possible efforts you could put in
  2. Check whether you could source out reliable resources for streamlining an assignment topic by yourself.
  3. See whether you could engage yourself in discussion forums with your peers and engage yourself in collaborative efforts for doing the assignment or homework.
  4. Talk to your teacher and find out whether there would be any source of help from the school resources like library etc.
  5. Check the dates or deadlines for your assignment prior hand to take sufficient time to dwell upon the subject matter and decide

On seeking help for assignment from external sources!

  1. When you decide to get assignment help from external sources, use multiple search engines and choose the most reliable website for providing the expected service.
  2. Check whether you want just the help or more than that in the form of explanation, live chat or discussion with an online expert regarding the topic you are to do assignment upon.
  3. Verify the rates you pay for the service you obtain and check whether there is any possibility of getting extra information about the topic you choose to get help.
  4. Make it a point to read the material you get from online assignment help and make sure of the contents that you have regarded in your offer.
  5. Take care that you understand the content and are satisfied with the presentation and other aspects of the obtained help.

Getting help for your assignment or homework help online has become day to day routine in the modern educational scenario. The present educational setup has put the students in the situation of undertaking multiple tasks at a single time that they do need some outside help to fulfill their commitments. Still, it should not become your second nature to lean upon supplementary efforts in the form of online help for long, since it would make you an addict to seek external help for even simple matters without allowing you to exercise your mental powers in drafting an academic essay, doing a one word problem in Physics or drawing a diagram for a Biological lesson or completing a financial statement in Accounting. Try your best and then switch over to the practices of seeking online help for your assignment and homework. Of course, the fact cannot be denied that most of the online sites that offer help for assignment and homework do have their full fledged commitment to meet the demands of the students with real interest and personal attention.

Tutor pace makes it a point to supply unlimited sources of online help for assignment and homework challenges put forth by the students.

Online tutoring with its assignment help or homework help online is a great help for the needy students who knock at the doors of online sites with multiple needs. Online assignment help is a timely assistance rendered to the students to fulfill their tasks on time.

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